Voicemail PIN and delivery settings can be set up by going to the Telecom page:

  1. Go to https://provider.www.upenn.edu/computing/voice/phone/
  2. Click on PennNet Phone Service (PPS Login), this will take you to the Pennkey Auth page.

  3. Please do the following:

    a. Select the number you want to manage. You are the "owner" of several numbers, including the shared numbers and the unused one. Your primary number is the one listed first on your phone
    b. Choose Features & Voice Mail
    c. Click Submit 

  4. On this page you have several options including how voicemail is delivered  There  are only two options I would consider for Voice Mail Delivery

    a. Telephone Only
    b. Email Only

    Use the radial button to choose the one that best suites your needs.  If you choose email, make sure to 

  5. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the screen to Create New Voice Mail Password. You can created your phone passcode here.

  6. Click Submit

Next, set up your voicemail:

  1. Using your phone, press the Messages button to the right of the keypad to access voice mail. 
  2. At the prompt, enter your password.
  3. Press 0 for mailbox options.
  4. Follow the prompts to record your personal greeting.
  5. Select the type of greeting you want to record. Record either an unavailable or name greeting. Do not do both:
    • Press 1 for unavailable (what callers will hear when you do not answer your phone).
    • Press 2 for busy (what callers will hear when you’re on the phone)
    • Press 3 for name (callers will hear the generic system greeting but your name will be in your voice).
  6. Wait to hear the system prompt, record your greeting, then press # when you’re done.
  7. Choose the status for the recording:
    • Press 1 to accept this recording
    • Press 2 to listen to it
    • Press 3 to re-record it
  8. When finished, press * to return to main menu or * # to exit.

Thank you,